Songs From Illumination: The Harmonic Resonance and Harmonic Remnants Tour

by Harmonic Remnants



In 2013, when I traveled to promote my first album, Songs for the Sun My Heart, I surprisingly moved to South Whidbey Island in order to work with Bekah Zachritz and Ahna Dunn-Wilder on a music project.

We called ourselves Harmonic Resonance and recorded an album called Illumination, and while we were on the road Ahna and I recorded a couple of EPs under the name Harmonic Remnants.

Here is a compilation of all of my songs from Illumination and a one or two others from that tour.

Happy listening!


released January 20, 2015

All Songs written by Matthew Austin Williams except
4: traditional, and 6: Bekah Zachritz

All Songs produced by Matthew Austin Williams
1, 3, 5, 6, 9 by Robbie Cribbs at Soundtrap Studio. Thanks Robbie!



all rights reserved
Track Name: One Dream
Hot from yesterday's sunburn
Slightly stoned and crossing the border into Canada
Vancouver bound because I belong

Crow called me from the KAW
Dreaming a lake, finding the sea
This flock of birds we will marry
Freedom and joy


There are many things within the one thing
We are each a dream within the one dream
I am a song and so I sing

For this sun there is a moon
For every leaf there is a tree
For every tree was once a seed
Will be a tree


Leaving Lawrence like a lover
I'm not looking for another
Lovers are a part of me

Searching and on my own
I found a house inside of me
A living gate of flesh and bone
Infinite home

Track Name: Are You A Soul?
So so far away
Demands a long journey
So so close
Consults with stillness

Where is the part
Hidden within me
That finds it's match
Buried in your kiss?


Are you a soul?
Help me in my unbelieving
Two halves make a whole
Mind uniquely

Sad to behave like
Wolves in a frenzy
It's time to choose
Prepare for peace or war

Bad to hurt
Worse to be angry
I grieve our lose
Don't cry for either/or


NAFTA permits both free trade and movement
Of Ja people
Cruzando la frontera

Love y amor
Higher atunement
Strength for strength
Goodbye, hello love


Double edged sword cleaves and binds
And eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind

Now we find ourselves the theme of a love song
This perfect moment
Now is the end of time

You are my match
Our passion is headstrong
Distinguished we destroy
Dividing lines

Track Name: My Life
My life
I want you to be
Something beautiful
To me

But I could be a million things
Lord you know I could
I could be a million things

Now I know that I want to be me
I am beautiful

But now as I look into your face
And gaze into your eyes
I can see my need for change

Now I know that all I want to be
Is to be with you

Lai lai lai
Track Name: Ezekiel Saw the Wheel

Ezekiel saw the wheel way up in the middle of the air
Ezekiel saw the wheel way in the middle of the air
The little wheel runs by faith, the little wheel runs by the grace of god
It's a wheel in a wheel, way up in the middle of the air

I'll tell you what a hypocrite will do
He'll talk about me and he'll talk about you


Some go to church to sing and shout
Before six months they've all turned out


Don't pray for things that you don't need
The lord don't like no sin and greed


There's one thing for sure that you can't do
You can't serve god and satan too


One of these days about 12 o'clock
This old world's gonna heave and rock


Track Name: Teach Us to Sing
Sail into my arms
We'll sail into the sun
I don't care if I know you or not
Know that I love you
Teach us to sing

I'm going to follow poet right
To the bottom of the night
With your unconstraining voice
Teach us rejoicing
Teach us to sing


All my life, I've waited for you
Now you've dropped like a leaf from a tree
Into my path

I've been with Molly as she's run
With a fever in the sun
And it turned her hair so red
Taught her rejoicing
Taught her to sing


Been to the healing of the sky
As the morning clouds roll by
Day to day there is speech
There are no words
Teach us rejoicing
Teach us to sing


Track Name: Modern Day Fairy Tale
Sleeping beauty all dressed in white
Goes to see her prince at night
She doesn't think and she doesn't know
How to be a wife

She sleeps all day and she sleeps all night
Dreaming of ways to live her life
Praying for money and dreams coming true
She's looking for answers and things to do

Prince Charming he works all day
Supporting her dreams and paying her way
He gives up his wants and forgets all his dreams
All for the woman he loves

Wedding bells ring and the paperwork's done
He bought into love and his money's all gone
He says that he's happy but his eyes say he's not
Sleeping beauty don't know what she wants
Track Name: Dream Bear
Hidden heart
Shafts of light
Mother night
Eternal life
Whirring in stillness

Embracing her gifts is
Mother's embrace
Father the spirit
Mother the face

Friends for life
Can't decide if
Home is up in the sky
Or in the earth's dark stillness

One digs and one builds
They suddenly know
Bricks of the tower are made with
Soil from below

Dream bear came
Said taste and see
This is the sweetest honey
This is all you've ever been

On top of the mountain
Transported by crow
The valley's gold honey
Took a snowy white glow
Track Name: Five-Pointed Star
Five-pointed star
Five-pointed flower
Flower to fruit
Rained like shower

Sun behind the sun
Blind to the eyes
Love in the heart
Felt from inside

Love of the heart
Thought of the mind
Like flower and fruit
Sweet from the vine

When love and the thought
Bud and then flower
The spirit of earth
Gives life her power
Track Name: Illumination
Traveling to tell people not to travel two people set out together
Perhaps like hawks two flew
And also called pleading into the night
From the future

Raveling a yarn to unravel a storyteller illumines a legend
Like a web of light
Woven into the night
From the future

Dreaming the perfect storm
Lighting enlightenment to keep warm
The bugler blows his horn
Calling us into war

We must fight
Might makes right
God extends
Worlds bend
Justice wins
Good prevails
Evil fails
It depends

Mother looks after her children because she knows we're all together
The love we see
Is brought to bended knee
By her lover

Blending the perfect pill
Creating chaos to be still
The empress climbs the hill
Drawing life forward to heal

We must fight
Might makes right
God extends
Worlds bend
Justice wins
Good prevails
Light beyond light

Tall grass prairie proudly holds her seed heads to the sun
Like the light of the eye
Points straight beyond the sky
Behind the sun

Master rings the bell drawing spirits to indwell
Falling now it's felled
This body was a shell

We must fight
Might makes right
God extends
Worlds bend
Justice wins
Good prevails
Evil fails
It depends